Qualifying for the Future – article in New Stateman

Although this was produced earlier this year, it is an interesting document. With a forward from Edge, It covers such wide and varied fields as discussions from the FutureLab initiative and our understanding of what Schools, Colleges and Universities could be, information on how to market your institution from the Head of the Marketing Communications Consultants Association, analysis of the training offered by the MoD, a word of caution from NAPO, about how we need more education with the prison system to prevent reoffending,  how getting young people involved in their education helps them with learning to lead, (and I must disclose that this does feature one of my schools in Somerset, Wells Blue School !), Dress Codes for schools, what do they mean ?, and engaging parents  to promote a love of learning. This document finishes off with a round table meeting of the way forward amongst a select of the good and the great. Interesting reading. http://www.newstatesman.com/pdf/futurequalifying09.pdf  Having some knowledge of guidance work within the prison system, and the work of Edge this can give an insight into a wide range of work and career related issues.