Still looking for a place, consider a BSc in Rehabilitation Engineering with no Fees !

For anyone still looking for an interesting degree combining engineering and healthcare you might want to consider this course.   Coventry University has recently  won the national commission from the NHS to provide a BSc in Rehabilitation Engineering. They have places available on this course to commence in October and there are no tuition fees to pay as these are covered by the NHS.  This is the only course of its kind in the UK so any graduates will be part of a very select grouping.

Rehabilitation Engineering is rewarding and interesting career in which technologists have the opportunity to apply their skills in an area of real social value. The subject will appeal to students who have a broad interest in engineering subjects combined with an interest in healthcare science. It may also be of interest to students who have been  unsuccessful in obtaining a place in other health disciplines such as physiotherapy.  The course combines practical and theoretical experience, including workplace training placements. Successful graduates will have completed all the necessary education and training to work directly at registered practitioner level in the NHS and related organisations.  Employment prospects are good as place numbers are limited and are based on workforce planning requirements. More info available at this website  An interesting summary of this work is available at this American site