Foundation Course for overseas students – What is NCUK ?

Overseas students are increasing becoming a mix in the HE community, and this is only going to continue. When our local FE colleges have students from countries outside the EU showcased in the local press, this work is more mainsteam that many people realize. Such groups as the NCUK, a group comprising 11 Universities, has set up such a course for students from abroad to enter HE in the UK. Interesting initiative and set against a competitive international market for such students, the UK needs to be competitive in this field. With the current squeeze on fees, and increasing rumors of increases for UK/EU students, this work can only attain more importance. Giving career advice to students from abroad is both the same our usual work, but also another whole other issue which can involve a lot of research and checking of different aspects of work compared to dealing with UK nationals. Such issues as Visas can look large in some cases.  It can be interesting work, but can also be time consuming, one commodity which isn’t getting bigger in the working week of most staff I speak with.