This is not an anonymous blog.  My name is Steve Martin, an experienced careers adviser who’s currently running Careers EQ Ltd,  a specialist Careers Guidance and Education company offering support to schools and colleges to meet the changes in the world of careers/IAG from 1st April 2012.  I am keen to promote the benefits of good quality CEIAG and to ensure that those who can benefit from Higher Education are aware of the options and to ensure as graduates they can  enter the workforce positively and successfully.  The focus is on all level 4 and above study, whether this is via full or part time study, distance learning  or FE college based, or as part of an apprenticeship or whilst working in another job.  The main emphasis is that to reinforce that we need people who can work as a high level, but their need to be informed of the options, costs, labour market relevance and progression routes.  There will be massive changes to education, both tertiary and in HE this year and we’ll try to reflect on it as we progress this work

Occasionally we have Guest Bloggers who come from a range of backgrounds with something to say. Their entry would always be identified as a comment by the person.

Please email me direct at steve@careerseq.co.uk   if you have any questions or suggestions about anything you find, or would like to know more about,  on this blog.

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