CIA – Careers Personality Quiz

Sometimes when you are doing careers activities you come across things which are surprising. Not really news, just interesting like the “and finally” section of the original News at Ten which featured such attractions as the famous skateboarding duck.  This journey began with discussing an interest with a student is studying a degree with Cryptography as this is a academically, and economically, facinating area. After we had discussed the main careers routes and looked at some courses we then came onto the whole area of where such an interest could take you. Having looked at GCHQ we then considered the Secret Inteligence Service, (as MI6 are officially known), as they are currently recruiting Perhaps the Spooks TV show had something to do with this interest? Anyway the US equivalent interested my client and although citizenship requirements would obviously be needed,  we had a brief look and I found this quite interesting. A Personality Quiz to help you see if the CIA is for you  Interesting to compare the careers approach between the two organisations !  I’m not going to pontificate further about this and read too much into it…


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