Repayment holiday for Student Loans is now only 2 years, not 5

Still on the subject of the extra 10,000 places, which has certainly gathered a lot of comments, one issue seems to have been missed. Or perhaps drowned out in the worry and concerns that are said about both Clearing and also lack of opportunties for new graduates. The fact that the repayment period has changed from 5 years to just 2 is a big change. This was seen as useful because it allowed students to focus on other financial issues (if they choose to), before having to begin repayments on their loans if they were earning enough. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on students and their plans, but certainly some parents are aware of this issue.  If  Martin Lewis, of fame has concerns that the student loan scheme is being chipped away bit by bit then it must be something to consider.


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