Which is the best University to study History in ?

If you are an adviser this is often the sort of question you get which can trigger a long and involved discussion. Whilst valuing the need to talk it might be useful to use some impartial source to get some ideas and facts first. In an ideal world what would we want ? Well somebody such as UCAS, which covers all applications to undergraduate study in the UK and another group such as the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) would be a good pairing. If they could show the information on a website that you could look at yourself it would be great. Well now you can. Click on www.unistats.com and you will be able to compare student satisfaction, job prospects, Degree class and progression and what students were doing 6 months after graduation plus even more info. Interesting reading and you can still ask the original question anyway, but it might provoke an even more interesting discussion !  And in case you were wondering…the question to the answer is, or course,  best in what way ?


3 Responses to Which is the best University to study History in ?

  1. sab23469 says:

    You can also get more detailed destination information from individual institutions. This is usually collected by the HE Institutions Careers Service and made available to the course directors. For example here at the University of Bath we publish ours here: http://www.bath.ac.uk/careers/destinations/intro.html. This means you can look at job titles and employer names for a particular subject cohort. It also gives information on further study courses undertaken. This will provide a much more useful comparison between institutions than a ssimple percentage in employment figure.

    • Andy Gardner says:

      To follow up from this very useful comment, a member of the ICG HE Advisers community has collected as many details as he can find of universities that publish their career destinations – this will be available to ICG members in a few months time when the website is redeveloped.

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